IEOM 2012

3rd International Conference on Industrial Engineering and Operations Management (IEOM 2012)
Istanbul, Turkey, July 3-6, 2012




Artificial Intelligence Track

NOTE: The author in bold is the presenter.

Multiple Robot Motion Planning using Voronoi Diagram and Tabu Search
Mohammad Abaiy Shoushtary, Yazd University (Iran)

Genetic Algorithm for University Timetable Planning in FTI
Dedy Suryadi, (Indonesia)

An Artificial Immune System Approach for Flexible Job Shop Scheduling Problem
Aydin Sipahioglu, Osmangazi University (Turkey); Alper Aladag, Osmangazi University (Turkey)

A Viral Systems Algorithm for the Traveling Salesman Problem
Dedy Suryadi, (Indonesia)

Segmentation Analysis with Self-Organizing Maps
Dicle Tosunlar, (Turkey); Umut Asan, ?TÜ (Turkey)

Assessing the Energy Efficiency of Industrial Sector: Artificial Intelligence Approach.
Oludolapo Olanrewaju, (South Africa); Adisa Jimoh, Tshwane University of Technology (South Africa); Pulek Kholopane, University of Johannesburg (South Africa)

A Sentiment Analysis as a Tool to Identify The Status Of Universities: The Case of ITU
Mine Isik, Istanbul Technical University (Turkey); Basar Oztaysi, Istanbul Technical University (Turkey); Kubra Fenerci, Bogazici University (Turkey)

Application of Data Mining Techniques in Drug Consumption Forecasting to Help Pharmaceutical Industry Production Planning
Rouzbeh Ghousi, Iran University of Science and Technology (Iran); saharnaz Mehrani, Iran University of Science & Technology (Iran); Morteza Momeni, Iran University of Science and Technology (Iran); Sina Anjomshoaa, Sharif University of Technology (Iran)

Optimizing the Ant Colony Optimization Algorithm using Neural Networks for the Travelling Salesman Problem
Ayse Hande Erol, Marmara University (Turkey); Merve Er, Marmara University (Turkey); Serol Bulkan, Marmara University (Turkey)

Tree-based Data Aggregation Algorithms in Wireless Sensor Networks: A Survey
Mohammad Salam, Southern University and A&M College (United States)

Fuzzy Optimal models for gas reservoir management: Case of Sarajeh Gas Field (SGF)
Nooshin Jabbari, (Malaysia)

Genetic Algorithms in speech recognition systems
Zahira Benkhellat, Bejaia University (Algeria); Ali Belmehdi, Bejaia University (Algeria)


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