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This CD-ROM contains the proceedings from the 2014 4th International Conference on Industrial Engineering and Operations Management. The CD-ROM is designed to allow you to search by various methods to find a particular paper or author at the conference. The following search capabilities are available on this CD-ROM:

Keyword Search

The Search screen has a keyword search which includes boolean logic options to enable you to widen or narrow your search. The keyword search, searches through the paper titles, Sessions and authors for each paper.
You may type in any number of words that you wish to search on in this box. Leave a space between each word that you type in. Do not use commas (,) to separate the words.
Boolean Logic
Any words - The search results will include pages that have ANY of the words you typed in.
All words - The search results will include pages that have ALL of the words you type in.
Exact phrase - The search results will include pages that have the exact phrase you typed in.


On the Search screen, you may also scroll through all of the papers in alphabetical order. Click on any of the titles to open the paper.

Track Papers

On the Symposium Papers, you may scroll through the list of Sessions. Click on the Session title to view the list of papers.

Author Index

On the Author Index screen, you may also scroll through the list of authors in alphabetical order, then click on the title to view the paper.


NOTE: This CD-ROM contains the papers presented by the authors. The papers are in Adobe Acrobat format. The papers are linked from the paper titles. In order to view the papers you need to have either a full version of Adobe Acrobat or the Adobe® Acrobat® Reader® . The reader is freely available from the Adobe website. Click on the Logo below to go to the Adobe website.

NOTE: If you have a problem when opening pdfs in your browser, you see either a blank page or a red X.

This error can occur when Acrobat or Reader is unable to open a PDF files. There are numerous reasons that Acrobat or Reader might be unable to open a file. In some instances, a Web server may not be able to send the PDF file. In other instances, Acrobat, Reader, or your browser may not be configured correctly.

Adobe recommends you start by making sure your system meets the minimum system requirements and that Acrobat or Reader supports your browser. See the ReadMe file in the Acrobat/Reader directory (Program Files\Adobe\Acrobat version\Acrobat or Program Files\Adobe\Acrobat version\Reader). Next, try upgrading to the latest version of Acrobat or Reader from the Adobe Web site.

If you’re still having problems, make sure your browser is configured to display PDF files within the browser. Close any open browsers and open Acrobat or Reader. Click Preferences in the Edit menu and select Internet from the list on the left side of the Preferences window. Make sure there’s a check next to Display PDF In Browser. If a check is already there, clear the check mark, click OK, and close Acrobat/Reader. Restart the application and follow the steps above to select Display PDF In Browser. If you’re running Internet Explorer, close your browser and open Internet (or Internet Options) in the Control Panel. Click the Security tab and select Internet if not already selected. Click the Custom Level button and select Enable under Run ActiveX Controls And Plug-ins. Click OK twice. While you’re here, Adobe also recommends clearing out temporary Internet files. Click the General tab and click Delete Files. Click OK when prompted.

Finally, if you’re running Firefox, try uninstalling and reinstalling your browser. You can also try repairing your version of Acrobat or Reader. If you’re running Acrobat, you’ll need the application CD to repair your installation. If you’re running Reader, open Add Or Remove Programs from the Control Panel. Find Adobe Reader and click Change or Change/Remove. When prompted, click Repair and follow the provided instructions.



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