IEOM 2012

3rd International Conference on Industrial Engineering and Operations Management (IEOM 2012)
Istanbul, Turkey, July 3-6, 2012




Quality Control and Management Track

NOTE: The author in bold is the presenter.

Gauge Imprecision and Process Capability Analysis
Ali Zeinal Hamadani, Isfahan University of Technology (Iran)

Investigation of Total Quality Management in Libya:A Proposed Guideline of Implementation
Abdussalam shibani, coventry university (United Kingdom)

Linear Profile Forecasting using Regression Analysis
Hamideh Razavi, Ferdowsi University of Mashhad (Iran); Sanaz Sharifi Ghazvini, Ferdowsi University of Mashhad (Iran)

Helical Coil Springs Life Quality Assessment
Fulufhelo Masithulela, University of South Africa (South Africa)

A Proposed Prediction Approach for Manufacturing Processes Performance using ANNs
Mohamed Abdelwahed, King Abdulaziz University (Saudi Arabia)

Multi-Objective Economic-Statistical Design of MEWMA Control Chart
Amirhossein Amiri, Shahed University (Iran); Hamed Mogouie, Shahed University (Iran); Mohammad Hadi Doroudyan, Shahed University (Iran)

T2 Based Methods for Monitoring Gamma Profiles
Amirhossein Amiri, Shahed University (Iran); Mehdi Koosha, Shahed University (Iran); Armaghan Azhdari, PNU (Iran)

Effect of Managerial Changes on the Corporation Performance: DEA based Method
Rassoul Noorossana, Iran University of Science and Technology (Iran); Hamidreza Izadbakhsh, Iran University of Science and Technology (Indonesia); Majid Esmaelian, (Iran); M. Ghasemi, (Iran)

A Scheme for Balance Monitoring and Accurate Diagnosis of Bivariate Correlated Process Mean Shifts

Investigating the relationships between integrated management system (IMS) implementation and organization survival and continuous improvement
milad ziaeian, (Iran); zohre Zarabadi pour, (Iran); Reza KianiMavi, (Iran)

A Statistical Evaluation of Variance Estimation and Subgrouping in XBAR Control Charts
Taylan A. Ula, Yeditepe University (Turkey)

Status of Quality Management in Australian Manufacturing SMEs
Khawaja Khurram Khurshid, Deakin University (Australia); Maneesh Kumar, Cardiff University (United Kingdom); Dianne Waddell, Deakin University (Australia)

Factor Analysis and Response Surface Optimization for Copper Removal from Aqueous Solutions
Burcu Caglar Gencosman, (Turkey); Ali Yurdun Orbak, Uludag University (Turkey); lkün Orbak, Maltepe University (Turkey)

Proposing a New Balanced TQM model based on Balanced Scorecard and Hosin Kanri (Case Study: ISC)
Behrooz Arbabshirani, Isfahan University of Technology (Iran); Hamid Reza Muosakhani, Isfahan University of Technology (Iran)

Developing the Balance Scorecard Framework for Higher Education: Conceptual Study
Abdulsattar Al-Ali, Al Ain University of Science & Technology (United Arab Emirates)

Effect of Cascade Property on the Performance of Simple Linear Profiles
Masoumeh Eghbali Ghahyazi, (Iran); Seyed Taghi Akhavan Niaki, Sharif University of Technology (Iran); Paria Soleimani, (Iran); Sara Afroozan, Industrial engineering department of Islamic Azad university-south Tehran (Iran)

Estimating the Change Point of Bivariate Binomial Processes Experiencing Step Changes in their Mean
Sara Afroozan, Industrial engineering department of Islamic Azad university-south Tehran (Iran); Seyed Taghi Akhavan Niaki, Sharif University of Technology (Iran); Paria Soleimani, (Iran); Masoumeh Eghbali Ghahyazi, (Iran)

Integrated Control Chart System: A New Charting Technique
M. Shamsuzzaman, University of Sharjah (United Arab Emirates)

Adaptive Injection Molding Quality Prediction Framework Using Sensor Data
Yong-Han Lee, Dongguk University-Seoul (South Korea); Hyeonnam Kim, GM Korea (South Korea); Jongtae Rhee, Dongguk University (South Korea)

Combined Use of Support Vector Regression and Monte Carlo Simulation in Quality and Process Control Calibration
BOUHOUCHE Salah, Iron and Steel Applied Research Unit (Algeria)

Cooling Bed of Rebar Process Evaluation using Temperature Monitoring and Soft Sensing Methods

Quality Management Systems in Dairy Industry
Özlem Yaman Keskin, (Turkey); Zehra Gülsünolu, (Turkey)

The use of statistical quality control charts for the acceptance and sign-off process for web application products
Fikri Dweiri, University of Sharjah (United Arab Emirates); Sharfuddin Ahmed, University of Sharjah (United Arab Emirates); M. Shamsuzzaman, University of Sharjah (United Arab Emirates)

Major difficulties faced to ensure security in food-processing field
FEDALI YAMINA, Health and industrial security Institut -Batna-Algeria (Algeria)


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