IEOM 2012

3rd International Conference on Industrial Engineering and Operations Management (IEOM 2012)
Istanbul, Turkey, July 3-6, 2012




Manufacturing and Design Track

NOTE: The author in bold is the presenter.

Response surface methodology optimization applied to composite material of recycling plastic with wood waste
Javier Cruz Salgado, CIATEC, A.C. (Mexico); Sergio Alonso Romero, CIATEC (Mexico)

Important Characteristics and Critical Dimensions of an Effevtive Manufacturing Performance Manufacturing System
Khaled Gad El Mola, Salman Bin Abdalaziz Uiversity (Saudi Arabia)

Economic Evaluation of Rapid Prototyping Systems
Khaled Gad El Mola, Salman Bin Abdalaziz Uiversity (Saudi Arabia)

Optimization of multi-pass turning operations using genetic algorithms
Amir Aryanfar, Urmia University (Iran); Maghsud Solimanpur, (Iran)

Design Evaluation of Mechanical Brakes at System Conceptual Design stage: A MADM Approach

Multi-objective mathematical model for Time and Space Assembly Line Balancing Problem
Maghsud Solimanpur, (Iran); Behnaz Jaberi, (Iran)

An Integrated CAD/CAPP System based on STEP Features
Saleh Amaitik, Benghazi University (Libya)

A Decision Support System for Robot Selection Based on Axiomatic Design Principles
Mehmet Cagatay Bahadir, ISTANBUL TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY (Turkey); Sule Satoglu, Istanbul Technical University (Turkey)

Tensile and Fatigue Characteristics of Lower-Limb Prosthetic Socket Made from Composite Materials
Payman Ahmed, University of Technology (Iraq); Jawad Kadhim, University of Technology (Iraq); Kahtan Al-Khazraji, University of Technology (Iraq)

Effect of Grain Refining Aluminum by Titanium Plus Boron on its Weldability using Gas Tungsten Arc Welding, GTWA
Adnan Zaid, University of Jordan (Jordan); Safwan Al Qawabah, Tafila University (Jordan)

Optimal Cutting Parameters for Turning Operations with Costs of Quality and Tool Wear Compensation
Tamer Abdelmaguid, Cairo University (Egypt); Tarek El-Hossainy, Cairo University (Egypt)

Preference Extraction from EEG: An Approach to Aesthetic Product Development
Golam MM Aurup, Concordia Univeristy (Canada); Ali Akgunduz, Concordia Univeristy (Canada)

Principles of Robust Design
Nicolo Belavendram, Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman (Malaysia)

A two-stage solution approach based on mathematical programming for designing manufacturing cells
Maghsud Solimanpur, (Iran); Ahad Foroughi, (United States)

Metaheuristic Approaches for the Assembly Line Balancing Problem
Adil Baykasoglu, Dokuz Eylul University (Turkey); Sebnem Demirkol Akyol, Dokuz Eylul University (Turkey)

Study of Electrochemical Polishing Applications in some alloys to obtain high surface finish
Hussein Yousife, lecturer (Iraq); Niveen Abdalkahder, lecturer (Iraq)

Implementation of Advanced Manufacturing Technology as a Tool for Manufacturing Industries
Ghulam Yasin Shaikh, Mehran university of Engineering & Technology Jamshoro Sindh Pakistan (Pakistan); Riaz Ahmed Sohag, Mehran university of Engineering & Technology Jamshoro Sindh Pakistan (Pakistan); Hussain Bux Marri, Mehran University of Engineering & Technology Jamshoro sindh (Pakistan); M.Aslam Uqaili, Mehran university of Engineering & Technology Jamshoro Sindh Pakistan (Pakistan); Shaheen Aziz1, Mehran University of Engineering and Technology Jamshoro Sindh Pakistan (Pakistan); Shakeel Ahmed Shaikh, Mehran University of Engineering and Technology Jamshoro Sindh Pakistan (Pakistan)

A Size-Bed Wheelchair Design with Scaled Prototype
Khalid bin Hasnan, Universiti Tun Husein Onn Malaysia (Malaysia); Luhur Budi Saesar, Universiti Tun Husein onn Malaysia (Malaysia)

Prioritization of Concurrent Design Strategies Using the Multi-Criteria Decision-Making Approach
Masoud Pourhamidi, Quality Management Research Group, University of Isfahan (Iran)

Optimization of the EDM Parameters on the Surface Roughness of AISI D3 Tool Steel
Othman Belgasim, Tripoli University (Libya); Abdurrahman Abusada, Tripoli University (Libya)

Pull-out Response of a Steel Post Inserted in Bovine Bone: Fixation of Knee Prosthesis
Maher Dammak, Institut Préparatoire aux Études d’Ingénieurs de Sfax (Tunisia)

Product Traceability Information: An Approach for Information Linking
Matteo Savino, University of Sannio, Italy (Italy); Antonio Mazza, University of Sannio, Italy (Italy)

Three-level service contract between Manufacturer, Agent and Customer (game theory approach)
Nafiseh Shamsi Gamchi, Alzahra University (Iran); Maryam Esmaeili, Alzahra University (Iran); Mohammad Ali Saniee Monfared, Alzahra University (Iran)

A Cross Entropy-Genetic Algorithm Approach For Multi Objective Job Shop Scheduling Problem
Budi Santosa, (Indonesia)

Environmental Impact Assessment of the Platinum Nanophase Catalyst Composite Electrode using the Eco-Indicator 99 Methodology
Junior Mabiza, (South Africa); Charles Mbohwa, University of Johannebsurg (South Africa)

Mathematical analysis of electrical discharge machining on FW4 weld metal
M.R. Shabgard, Tabriz University (Iran); Ramin Mohammad Shotorbani, (Iran); Seied Hadi Alenabi, (Iran)

Revitalising the Manufacturing Industries through CIM
SACHIN BHOSLE, Vidya Pratishthan's College of Engineering, Baramati (India)

Manufacturing and Design Technology : Ford Approach
Teslime Arikan, Ford Otosan Kocaeli Plant (Turkey)

Local content policy in Nigeria: The need for organizational learning
Ejim-Eze Emmanuel, National Centre for Technology Management (NACETEM) (Nigeria)

The patch shape effects on the performances of bonded composite repair in aircraft structures
Mhamdia Rachid, LMPM, Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Sidi Bel Abbes (Algeria)

A Time Based Approach for Designing Cellular Manufacturing Systems
Nabeel Mandahawi, The Hashemite University (Jordan)

Optimal Product Design of Wheat Straw Polypropylene Composites
Ali Elkamel, University of Waterloo (Canada); Rois Fatoni, University of Waterloo (Canada); Leonardo Simon, University of Waterloo (Canada); Hedia Fgaier, University of Guelph (Canada)


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