IEOM 2012

3rd International Conference on Industrial Engineering and Operations Management (IEOM 2012)
Istanbul, Turkey, July 3-6, 2012




Production Planning and Management Track

NOTE: The author in bold is the presenter.

Location and Job Shop Scheduling Problem with Minimizing Maximum Completion Time goal In Fuzzy Environment Simultaneously Through Ranking Fuzzy Numbers and α-cut Fuzzy
Mohsen Dastpak, Financial Engineering Department, University of Economic Sciences, Tehran (Iran); Saeed Poormoaied, (Iran); Masood Naderpour, (Iran)

Product Scheduling in a multi-product colour processing facility. Case Study at TN Textiles (Pvt) Ltd
William Msekiwa Goriwondo, National University of Science and Technology (NUST) (Zimbabwe); Walter Chipambwa, (Zimbabwe); Samson Mhlanga, National University of Science and Technology (Zimbabwe); Michael Mutingi, University of Botswana (Botswana)

A mathematical model for Profit maximization general lot-sizing and scheduling problem (PGLSP)
Narges Sereshti, Isfahan University of Technology (Iran); Mehdi Bijari, Isfahan University of Tech. (Iran); Ghasem Moslehi, Isfahan university of Technology (Iran)

Integrated cellular manufacturing system design - an evolutionary algorithm approach
Michael Mutingi, University of Botswana (Botswana); Charles Mbohwa, University of Johannesburg (South Africa); Samson Mhlanga, National University of Science and Technology (Zimbabwe); William Msekiwa Goriwondo, National University of Science and Technology (NUST) (Zimbabwe)

A Case Study of Production Improvement by Using Lean with Simulation Modeling
Soroor Alkhafaji, Baghdad University, College of Engineering (Iraq)

Genetic Algorithm based on Some Heuristic Rules for Job Shop Scheduling Problem
ANA SAKURA ZAINAL ABIDIN, UNIVERSITI MALAYSIA SARAWAK (Malaysia); Amer Boushaala, Garyouins University (Libya); Rosnah Mohd Yusuff, Universiti Putra Malaysia (Malaysia); Rasli Muslimen, UNIVERSITI MALAYSIA SARAWAK (Malaysia); Mohammed Shouman, Garyouins University (Libya); Mohammed Shouman, Garyouins University (Libya)

New Routing Rules for Dynamic Flexible Job Shop Scheduling with Sequence-Dependent Setup Times
Mohammed A Shalaby, Cairo University (Egypt); Tamer Abdelmaguid, Cairo University (Egypt); Zakaria Abdelrasol, Fayoum University (Egypt)

Minimizing the makespan in a flow shop scheduling problem with sequence-dependent setup times and periodic maintenance
Hassan Gholizadeh, University of Tehran-Iran (Iran); Reza Tavakkoli-Moghaddam, University of Tehran (Iran); Behnam Tootooni, (Iran)

An Algorithm for Lot Sizing and Cutting Stock Problem
Saad Suliman, University of Bahrain (Bahrain)

Flexible Labor Assignment in Cellular Manufacturing System (A Simulation and DEA Approach)
Farimah Mokhatab Rafiei, Isfahan University of Technology (IUT) (Iran); Aliasghar Dehghan, (Iran)

Stochastic lot-sizing: Maximising Probability of meeting Target Profit
Mehdi Bijari, Isfahan University of Tech. (Iran); Hajar Shirneshan, (Iran)

Minimizing maximum earliness and tardiness on a single machine using a novel heuristic approach
Simin PoursheikhAli, Isfahan University of Technology (Iran); Mehdi Bijari, Isfahan University of Tech. (Iran)

Minimizing the Tardiness in a Single Machine Batch Processing
Fahad AlGhamdi, KFUPM (Saudi Arabia); Meshaal Al-Khaldi, King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals (Saudi Arabia); Amaar Khoukhi, King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals (Saudi Arabia); Muhammad Al-Slamah, King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals (Saudi Arabia)

Multi-period Cell Loading in Cellular Manufacturing Systems
Gökhan Egilmez, Ohio University (United States); Gürsel SÜER, Ohio University (United States)

Designing an effective scheduling scheme considering multi-level BOM in hybrid job shop
Sumin Han, Seoul National University (South Korea); Jinwu Seo, (South Korea); Jinwoo Park, Seoul Nat'l Univ. (South Korea)

Performance Efficiency of Turkish Manufacturing SMEs using DEA
Muhammet Enis Bulak, (Turkey)

Mixed-model two-sided assembly line balancing using a Modified Genetic Algorithm
Raghda Bahaa El-Din Taha, German University in Cairo (Egypt); Amin El-Kharbotly, Ain Shams University (Egypt); Nahid Afia, Ain Shams University (Egypt); Yomna Sadek, Ain Shams University (Egypt)

Effect of System Configuration and Ramp up Time on Manufacturing System Acquisition under Uncertain Demand
Iman Niroomand, Concordia University (Canada); Onur Kuzgunkaya, Concordia University (Canada); Akif Asil Bulgak, Concordia University (Canada)

A review of scheduling problems with earliness objective
Simin PoursheikhAli, Isfahan University of Technology (Iran); Mehdi Bijari, Isfahan University of Tech. (Iran)

Solving No-wait Flowshop by Heuristic Algorithm
GH. M. Komaki, The University of Toledo (United States); Vahid Kayvanfar, Research Institute of Food Science and Technology (Iran)

Zero Inventory/Production Control Policy for Manufacturing Systems Subject to Quality Deterioration
Karem Dhouib, University of Tunis, Tunisia (United States)

Aggregate Planning: Opportunities and Challenges between Developed and Developing Countries
Ilham Kissani, Al Akhawayn University (Morocco (includes the Western Sahara)); Asmae El Mokrini, Al Akhawayn University in Ifrane (Morocco (includes the Western Sahara))

Inventory Management in Multi-Product, Multi-Demand Disassembly Line using Reinforcement Learning
Emre Tuncel, Northeastern University (United States); Abe Zeid, Northeastern University (United States); Sagar Kamarthi, Northeastern University (United States)

Mine Waste Rock Management Using Mixed Integer Programming (MIP)
Erkan Topal, Curtin University (Australia)

A fuzzy multi-objective linear programming approach for solving a new multi-objective job shop scheduling with sequence-dependent setup times
Leila Emami, yazd university (Iran)

A New Multi objective Job shop Scheduling With Set up Times Using A Hybrid Metaheuristics
Leila Emami, yazd university (Iran)


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